As a passionate supporter of the human-animal bond, Pinnacle Pet serves as the connection between quality breeders and pet stores. We love pets and are committed to helping connect pets with families, while supporting the success and livelihood of the breeders and pet stores we work with along the way.

Dedicated to pet wellness, Pinnacle Pet puts puppies first, providing each with love and customized care from breeder to pet store.

We purchase puppies at fair, honest prices from quality breeders, transport them quickly and safely to pet stores and ensure each puppy arrives healthy and happy.




Pinnacle Pet is committed to working with reputable transportation companies to ensure proper transport conditions, so that puppies are both healthy and comfortable from breeder pick up to their destination. We ask that every member of the Pinnacle team, as well as the delivery specialists we work with, share in this commitment. Our transportation standards exceed those required by the USDA and can be viewed here.

Who We Support

Pinnacle Pet has established itself as an honest, transparent, dependable partner for breeders, pet stores, pet parents and the puppies they work with every day.

In addition, we are proud to support various animal-focused organizations and programs such as Protect the Harvest, Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, Canine Care Certified and Heartland Canines for Veterans who each share our passion for animal wellness, companionship and care.



As a dedicated partner, Pinnacle Pet is committed to doing the right thing for breeders and their puppies. Breeders can trust Pinnacle Pet to work with pet retailers and make decisions based on their best interests, ensuring their success.

We navigate the ever-changing pet retail market so the breeders we work with can focus on what they do best - providing quality care for the dogs they raise.

Pinnacle Pet also offers a number of educational opportunities for breeders including St. Puppy’s Day, an annual seminar and trade show uniting hundreds of breeders each year. The event features expert speakers, vendors and networking to celebrate and thank breeders for their hard work throughout the year. To learn more about St. Puppy’s Day, visit

Pinnacle Pet:

  • Guarantees fair, reliable pricing for puppies
  • Helps navigate transportation and sales with pet stores
  • Dedicates extensive time marketing puppies and working with pet retailers so breeders can focus on their dogs

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Pet Stores

Pet Stores

Working with Pinnacle Pet means pet stores can count on receiving healthy puppies with detailed breeder background information (such as sire and dam photos, breeder profiles and pedigrees) and thorough genetic tracking, providing a level of assurance to customers.

Pinnacle Pet also offers pet stores:

  • Hereditary warranties for three years on every puppy
  • 150% warranty coverage on viral claims for every puppy
  • Online ordering
  • Professional, experienced sales staff to work with every store

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Pet Parents

Pet Parents

Pinnacle Pet knows consumers care about how puppies are raised and cared for, and as fellow dog lovers, our experienced staff shares these values and takes our responsibility seriously.

Our team works to ensure the health and well-being of the dogs we work with every day, while limiting transportation time so they can enter loving homes as quickly as possible.

Pet parents can trust their puppy was well cared for at Pinnacle Pet and transported in a responsible manner by people who are committed to doing the right thing for dogs.

In addition, Pinnacle Pet is a proud supporter of Canine Care Certified – a national, voluntary program that ensures the health and overall well-being of dogs in the care of breeders in the United States. Learn more at



Puppies have been and will always be the number one priority at Pinnacle Pet. The entire team is dedicated to doing the right thing, treating puppies like family and giving each one individualized care, taking pride in every pet life they touch.

Pinnacle Pet is committed to working with reputable transportation companies to ensure proper transport conditions, so that puppies are both healthy and comfortable from breeder pick up to their destination.

Pinnacle Pet prioritizes the health, well-being and quality of life of dogs by:

  • Giving all puppies thorough veterinary check-ups
  • Attending to each puppy's unique needs
  • Working to limit transportation time in temperature-controlled vans
  • Grooming, bathing and handling all puppies with love and care

About Us

The Pinnacle Pet team is comprised of industry leaders, passionate supporters of the human-animal bond and lovers of all dog breeds. Learn more about each of us below.

For Breeders


Are you a breeder looking to receive fair, honest prices for your puppies? Pinnacle Pet helps navigate sales with pet stores and transportation responsibilities, while providing consistent, stable pricing in an ever-changing market. We take the time to market puppies and work directly with pet retailers so you don't have to - allowing you to focus on the health and happiness of your puppies.

If you are interested in booking a litter, please complete the form below and a Pinnacle Pet representative will reach out to you shortly.

For Pet Stores

If you are a pet store interested in working with us, please contact Michael Abernathy at

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